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Auxiliary materials for fusing and Pâte de Verre

Core building material NUCLEUS 95

A mould mix - developed by OPTUL 1995 - consisting of materials following the quartz transformation. This property permits the building of cores to be placed into pieces of Pâte de Verre and of intarsia to be put into fused sandwich sheets or blown hollow glass.

Mullers 934-2” + 3” + 4”

The perfect “tool” to blend colours for painting with brush or airbrush and at the same time to produce the needed grain size for these purposes. We produce three sizes of mullers.

Overglaze ULLSOL-BF/II

A high boron containing glass to re-glace dull surfaces of devitrified surfaced of fused sheet glasses. The ULLSOL brightens at 700°C. If no boron surface is desired our FF FB 0005/0 produces the same effect only for float glass COE 82 ±3 and a firing temperature of at least 830°C.

Fusing glue KG-GLUE

An adhesive to fix chips, eggshells, mini rods, DOTs, etc. on sheets before firing. It burns producing very little residues.


A ceramic separator (bead release) for bead mandrels.

KT 950

A ceramic separator (kiln wash) for kiln shelves, based on alumina oxide, for the application via brush or spray gun.

KT 980 F

A fine ceramic separator kiln shelves kiln wash based on quartz oxide - to be applied dry with a sifter.

KT 980 M

A medium ceramic separator, based on quartz oxide.

KT 980 G

A coarse ceramic separator, based on quartz oxide, to produce partial or complete corrugates bottoms of fused sheets.

EASY-TEST 3+4+5+6

Fourfold ceramic mould for the quick test of compatibility sheetglas/colour.